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Derive the process

Each organization is made up of affiliate process. The process is a set of tasks that use the resources to return the output (people, products )

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The process is often a complex process, involving product and services. ISO 9001 is designed to manage and improve these processes.

  • First, you define the main processes.
  • Second, you define standards for these processes.
  • Third, you decide how to measure and evaluate the process.
  • Fourth, you document your approach to quality performance, defined by measurement.
  • Fifth, you are always getting better.

Define the Process

Flowchart is a fantastic way to describe the decomposing process in part to help explain it easier and help improve your process. A flowchart is a simple diagram showing the process, making viewing and communication easy. They allow you to see more clearly what is really going on in the process and in addition to their interactions.

Define the Standards

Turtle Diagram is a great tool that can be used by your organization to view visual support processes. This tool helps identify inputs, outputs, standards, and other information that allow you to effectively implement and improve processes.

Methods to Measure and evaluate

At every stage there should be a specific activity management system. By combining elements of the critical process and combining actionable strategies with purposeful and objective planning, the organization can lead the best in class leadership's ability to achieve competitive advantage. Therefore, it is important how to measure and evaluate the process. The process can be measure in the following ways

  • Process effectiveness
  • Process Alignment
  • Process Reliability
  • Process Cycle
  • Process Efficiency
  • Resource Productivity