ISO 13485 Certification in for medical devices manufactures

ISO 13485 Certification in for medical devices manufactures

Implementing the ISO standards are not a mandatory requirement for any organization. For some industries/companies, it may be required by law or contractually. Otherwise, it is your interest or choice to promote your management system in compliance with ISO standards’ requirements. Whatever the case, certifying to ISO 13485 is a great solution to demonstrate your organization’s involvement to provide high-quality medical devices and equipment that consistently meet customer requirements.

ISO 13485 is an international standard for the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices. How to Get ISO 13485 Certification a professional way would be the biggest question in your thoughts. ISO 13485 Certification for medicals. For details Call us +91 9962590571

In this article, we will let you know about ISO 13485 and its importance, how it brings global recognition to your business, and also the effective implementation process to get the ISO 13485 certification.

What is ISO 13485 and why is it proposed?

  • ISO 13485 is one of the international standards of ISO (International Organization for Standardization). This quality management system standard is specifically proposed for organizations that provide medical devices and equipment. It is an internationally recognized standard that helps the organizations to follow the industry’s best practices in their operational process and system. It allows them to provide quality products and services to their clients.
  • ISO 13485 Certification is proof of the organization that has a well-developed quality management system that delivers high-quality medical devices and services to the customers. Achieving the ISO 13485 certification is not a requirement of the standard. The organization can gain lots of benefits just by implementing the standard. But, the third-party certification will be helpful to declare customers that you have met the requirements of the standard. This certification lets you get international market access.

Who needs to be certified to ISO 13485?

  • Whether you’re a startup company or small organization, the ISO 13485 certification is applicable to all organizations that develop and deliver medical devices and equipment.
  • ISO 13485 Standard is suitable for the organizations which are involved in one or more stages of a medical device life cycle including design and development, production, storage, distribution, installation, and servicing. The requirements of this ISO standard also apply equally to suppliers/external parties who deliver products to such organizations.
  • The ISO 13485 certification is applicable to the organizations that provide medical device-related services such as raw materials, components, sterilization services, calibration services, distribution services, maintenance services, etc.