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ISO 20000 certification in Sri Lanka

IT Service Management System is responsible for delivering quality services to the customers. ISO 20000 standard demonstrates the specifications to enhance the IT services in an organization. ISO 20000 Certification in Sri Lanka | for all service industries | Internationally accepted | Online Audit | Contact: Call @+6531591803

ISO 20000:

It is one of the globally recognized standards for IT Service Management System (ITSMS). This international standard specifies requirements for organizations/service providers to continually improve an SMS. It also helps to drive betterment in the design, transition, and delivery of services. However, this voluntary standard also supports the service providers to fulfill agreed service requirements.

The requirements of ISO 20000 are proposed to be applicable to any service provider, regardless of the service it provides. Whether it is a small start-up company or large organization, the ISO 20000 certification is suitable for all.

For financial institutions like banks, implementation of ISO 20000 helps to gain customer loyalty, promote process efficiency, and as well as to meet regulatory compliance.

What is the responsibility of ITSMS in an organization?

The service management system of the organization is responsible for providing high-quality IT services to the customers/clients/stakeholders. It helps to monitor and ensure the level of compliance. Moreover, the objective of SMS is to meet customer requirements by implementing the quality of services.

How does a bank benefit by achieving the ISO 20000 Certification?

  • Effective delivery of IT services

To meet customer requirements, the banking sectors have developed so many innovative features such as mobile banking, online banking, net banking, etc. implementing the specifications of ISO 20000 helps the financial institutions to provide the bust banking IT services to the customers.

  • Continual improvement in the quality of services

ISO 20000 specifies a framework to plan, monitor, operate, review, maintain, and improve the quality of IT services.

  • Customer satisfaction

The improvement in the quality of IT services enhances the credibility of your business. This helps customers to trust in your business process and service management system.

  • Stakeholders confidence

The ISO 20000 certification establishes your organization’s involvement in delivering high-quality services to the customers as well as stakeholders.

  • Enhanced reputation

Developing the ISO 20000 requirements not only ensures betterment in the quality services but also improves the reputation of your business.

  • Increased competency

Achieving the ISO 20000 certification is not an easy job. It requires lots of effort and resources. But once you implement the service management system in compliance with ISO 20000, it enhances your competency and lets you stand alone from the competitors.

  • International recognition

ISO is an International Organization for Standardization. It develops and publishes international standards for the organizations to follow the best practices in their management system process. So, promoting your management system with the help of ISO 20000 lets you achieve international market access.