Video Conferencing Tools You Should Use during COVID19

Best video conferencing tools you can use during COVID19 are Zoom, UberConference, Lifesize and Cisco Webex.

Video Conferencing Tools You Should Use during COVID19

Video conferencing tools have come a long way, but their demand has recently hiked up. The outbreak of COVID19 has forced everyone to lock in their homes. Some of the companies made their employees redundant, but some of them have granted their employees work from home. Video conferencing tools have made it remote working possible.

Face-to-face communication is essential to discuss projects even if you cannot meet in person, but with the help of video conferencing tools, your team can work together with your clients and customers regardless of their location. There are several video conferencing tools and each of them offers different features. Choose the one that best suits your needs. This blog discusses some of the popular video conferencing tools.


During lockdown, the demand for Zoom immediately went up. From government organisations to educational institutes started using this tool. It is not just because of the features it offers but because of the convenience it provides. Evidence suggests that people find it easy to use, reliable, robust, and secure. Of course, you have to pay subscription to use all features provided by the tool, but it also comes in the free version. You can hold a meeting with only 100 people at a time and only 49 can show up on the screen if you use the free version of this app.

Your team can join the meeting through either the app or the web browser. They can also connect through a phone call. You can organise unlimited meetings with video quality up to 720p. The free version of the app also allows you to record the meeting. Zoom app also allows you to add colours to the background just to make it more interesting, engaging and funny.

However, free version is not as good as paid version. The most common issue with the free version is you can hold the meeting for not more than 40 minutes. You can consider it a benefit only if you do not need to hold longer meetings. 40 minutes are very short time when you have to discuss projects and new strategies. Another issue is associated with security. Zoom has recently enhanced its security features lately. It has introduced new measures that include password-protected login to meetings.


UberConference offers all advanced features to make your meeting better. Communicating with remote employees is no longer difficult because you can reach out to them anytime you want to discuss upcoming projects, strategies, clients, marketing, advertising, and the like. It also provides a free version, but it is suitable for a team of ten or fewer people. The duration of the video can last up to 45 minutes, which means you can hold a meeting for short duration.

However, you can conduct unlimited conference. From screen and document sharing, you can record meetings. One of the significant benefits of this app is that it uses the voice intelligence. It can automate tasks and transcribe meetings. Based on the conversation, Voice Intelligence can pick essential points and compile them into a list of actions that you and your team can see later. You can get a full record of the meeting with Call Transcript feature.

It is not unusual to wait for the conference call to get started and this time can be very boring and cause restlessness, but you can make fun more pleasant by adding great music. UberConference allows you to choose custom hold music for your teammates to enjoy the time before the conference call begins.


Lifesize is the best video conferencing solution as it provides end-to-end encryption. This is the first global 4K video conferencing solution to connect with your remote team. This is the best solution if you want to connect with freelancers, remote employees and clients who rarely hold a large meeting. It is the best solution for small organisations. The most prominent feature of this app is it can hold a meeting with only eight participants.

Unlike UberConference and Zoom, there is no restriction on the duration of the meeting and you can share screening with your participants. This app is extremely convenient to use because you do not need to download it, nor do you need to sign up. You can conduct free video call through either your phone or browser. Since cloud-based Lifesize solution provides wireless presentations, you can hold the meeting at any space from small huddle rooms to all-hands spaces.

Cisco Webex

Webex comes in three payment plans; Agile Users, Power Users, and Modern Workspace. This video conferencing tool can hold a meeting with up to 1,000 participants. You can conduct unlimited meetings and there is no restriction on the meeting. It is a secure tool and can connect your team through any device. This scalable solution is easy to use.

Video conferencing tools are being popular and their demand will continue to rise, but choosing the right video conferencing tool is not very easy. Some of the tools are free, but they do not offer advanced features. It is often suggested that you should paid video conferencing tools. Since the business is facing recession and unexpectedly your team has been forced to work from home, you may not have enough money. You do not need to worry about because you can take out instalment loans in the UK with direct lenders.