Are Access Control Systems Worth It?

Are Access Control Systems Worth It?

Keeping your residential or commercial property safe and secure 24/7 should be your top priority if you are a property owner. To make that happen, you should look into how you can upgrade the security in your property. An access control software system makes use of modern technology instead of using keys to unlock doors and enter the house or building. Below is more information about this type of security system and how it can protect your property.

What is an access control system?

An access control system is a type of security system that uses the cloud, internet, and other forms of technology to provide security to a property. From apartments and townhouses to office spaces and commercial buildings, it restricts access to a room, gate, particular area, or even a whole property. It only allows those with proper credentials to gain access and enter by using an app on their smartphones, a fob or keycard, or biometrics.

What are the features of an access control software system?

Access control systems are plenty and varied, but they come with pretty much the same core features, such as:

  • Automated management of doors, gates, etc.
  • Entry and exit alarm notifications
  • Mapping of facility
  • Integration with third-party apps and systems
  • Report generation and auditing
  • Schedule backups
  • Multi-tech cards and back-office accessibility

Altogether, these features ensure total access control round-the-clock.

What are the benefits of using an access control security system?

If news of thefts and burglaries are becoming more frequent in your area, you should consider installing an access control security system. There are many benefits of having one, including:

No need for traditional keys. – Many people have experienced forgetting where they left their house keys, locking themselves out of their homes, or losing their keys while out and having to call a locksmith for help. When this happens, it can be so annoying and frustrating. Through access control solutions, you can have multiple options for access such as an access card, fob, code, or fingerprint. You also won’t need to change the locks if you lose your keys because you can just deactivate the old key and reprogram a new one.

Outsiders are kept out. – Access control systems are programmed to only allow those with the right credentials, so anyone who is not issued a key card or whose biometrics are not programmed into the system cannot gain entry. It ensures that only authorized persons have access to your property.

People who enter and exit the property are monitored. – Knowing who goes in and out of your house or building on certain days and at certain times allows you to help monitor and prevent security incidents.

You can set schedules for when people can enter. – If your office handles a lot of sensitive information and delicate equipment that you want to be accessible to only a few trusted people, you can program certain doors, access cards, and other spaces to only allow certain people to enter on certain days and times.

Source: Access Control Integration