Chicago is an Awesome Place to Raise a Gifted Child!

Raising children is simultaneously rewarding and challenging. There are so many things a parent must watch out for, especially when their kids are young. One of the best moments for parents could be when they have an inkling that their child is gifted. There are a lot of early signs of this and in a place like Chicago that is so rich and varied, your kid could be showing these signs at any time.

            Places with a lot of stimulation will get a child’s mind racing. The Windy City is a bustling city that never stops. Maybe your kid is really into the Bean at the Millennium Park, intensely focused on their distorted reflection. Guess what? That could be a sign they’re gifted. Understanding Cubs or White Sox box scores earlier than they should be? They may be operating at a gifted level. It’s never too early to get them evaluated and get them in a gifted elementary school. Chicago families should never underestimate how bright their kids could be. 

            Here is a quick checklist for Chicagoland families to see if their kids are exhibiting signs they could be ready for gifted learning: 

  1. They’re quick learners. Gifted kids pick up new things way faster than their peers. Even at a very young age, hitting growth milestones like learning to walk or speak early could be signs that your child is gifted. Keep an eye on your child’s learning and retention of new facts, as well. If they easily retain things like dates, facts, or figures, investigate a gifted program.
  2. They have a big vocabulary. If your youngster starts stringing together full sentences faster than their peers, they might be gifted. Some parents of gifted kids will report being able to carry on significant conversations with their kids as young as one year old. If your kid can keep up with you in a conversation before they’ve reached elementary school, you might want to get searching for the top gifted elementary school Chicago has to offer.
  3. Early reading. This could be a surefire sign that your child is ready for gifted learning. Most children of elementary school age learn to read around the same time but, if your kid is racing through books for their age level and is hungry for more, they are probably gifted. A great sign is if they move on to things like chapter books before their peers. Parents should always encourage their kids to read, no matter their learning level, but if your kid takes it upon themselves to read lots of books, think about gifted education
  4. Exceptional creativity. If your child shows an early grasp of the arts or even just has a super-vivid imagination, they could be gifted. Take note if your youngster’s drawings from school are really well done, or if they can get a decent song out of their toy instruments. They could also show signs of being gifted if they have intensely deep, detailed play sessions with their toys. All of these could signal they would do better in a gifted learning environment.