Best Home Cleaning Service in Sydney | House Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Service in Sydney : With Likeclean, you can book a regular clean for your home or a deep clean. Get Expert home cleaners. Highly rated, trusted, and experienced.

Best Home Cleaning Service in Sydney | House Cleaning Service

Like Cleaning-Home cleaning service in Sydney, gives you the benefit of having your Sydney housekeeping available to you 7 days a week, and even after hours. We are here, simply a call or click away, if you find yourself in a predicament where you just have run out of time to get your home clean and to the standard you’d like.

As home cleaning Sydney preferred spring cleaner, we specialize in bringing your house back to its very best. If you plan to host an event or have a routine inspection, let us prepare your home for the occasion. Contact Like Cleaning and let’s get your home clean!

Bathrooms Done Right

After the kitchen, the bathroom is often the hardest room to clean in the house. Where to start? Filthy shower tiles, dirty floors, soap scum in the bath, lime, and rust build-up can be downright difficult to remove. Also, why spend unnecessary money on domestic cleaning products that can’t clean to the standard that you really want? Over the years, thousands of bathrooms have been cleaned by Like Cleaning. Without you even lifting a finger we know how to get the job done right! If you think that you’ve let your bathroom go for too long, today is the day to call Like Cleaning!

How We Clean Your Home Effortlessly:

1 Typically, we begin in the kitchen. Given its central location in the majority of people’s homes, we ensure that we wipe clean and sanitize all surfaces. We carefully clean the sink area, cooktops, and any electrical appliances. Additionally, the oven can be cleaned if necessary.

2 Before cleaning and sanitizing the shower screen, bath, and basin, we tend to the bathroom tiles and grout.

3 The entire living area and all surfaces, including windowsills, shelves, and benchtops, are dusted.

4 Cobwebs are removed and walls and floors are spots cleaned.

5 All floors, including carpets and rugs, are thoroughly cleaned and wet mopped to a like-new state.

6 Mirrors and glass are cleaned, leaving no streaks or fingerprints.

7 If required, windows, BBQs, garages, and locations requiring extra particular attention can be cleaned and included in your fixed quotation. When making your booking, please describe what special attention your home needs.

Deeply Satisfying

If you demand a comprehensive deep clean, Like Cleaning provides it. We’ve been pleasing our customers for years when it comes to Home and House Cleaning Sydney.