How Can ABA Therapy Prevent Problematic Behaviors in Children?

How Can ABA Therapy Prevent Problematic Behaviors in Children?
How Can ABA Therapy Prevent Problematic Behaviors in Children?

Children with autism may display unwanted behaviors such as acting out or temper tantrums when they don't understand their expectations. The environment, people present, your child's health, and the time of day could contribute to unwanted behavior. Upon identifying what causes problematic behavior in your child you can choose intervention strategies through ABA therapy to help address it. There are many Antecedent Interventions ABA Sacramento strategies used to prevent undesirable behaviors, including one or more of the following:

Offer Options

Preventing problematic behavior with ABA Therapy Session For Autism Sacramento includes having options. Autistic children with choices gain a sense of control. A child is also more determined to do things and get them done. For example, when your child has multiple tasks to complete, ask them which one they want to do first.

Make Changes to Their Environment

Making physical changes in a room or specific area may prevent your child from getting distracted. This helps children who hit on others, such as a peer or sibling. If your child has a history of self-harming behavior, consider removing objects in their environment to avoid temptation.

Make Complicated Tasks Easier to Finish

Children with autism get overwhelmed when tasks seem too tedious or take too long to get done. Consider breaking it up into smaller actions to keep your child focused on a task. Depending on the task level of difficulty, your child can take a break or get a reward as they complete each part.

Reinforce Good Behavior to Avoid Conflict

As your child improves, reinforce their actions when necessary to prevent problematic behavior. Sometimes parents, caregivers, and teachers need to do this frequently in intervals to prevent the child from acting out. For example, if a child engages in unwanted activity just for attention, give them attention in return but in intervals throughout the day.

Help Build Momentum

Preventing problematic behaviors with ABA therapy session for autism Sacramento may include encouraging the child to get things done through behavioral momentum. Give the child a task they can do easily. It can be related to their interests. When you reinforce their efforts, it creates an opportunity for the child to feel positive about their actions. They learn the significance of following instructions and are more likely to keep doing so because of their positive response.

Plan Ahead with a Schedule

Create a schedule for your child to follow for regular activities. Some children feel uneasy when engaging in activities unplanned or unexpected. Children with a predictable schedule help them stay calm.

Work on Improving Communication Skills

Some children with autism may have problems communicating their feelings and needs. It is common for children to get frustrated trying to express themselves when they are not sure how. Children may learn how to communicate using words in sentences, sign language, and pictures. ABA programs may include communication exercises and training through tools and resources to improve their communication skills.

Antecedent interventions ABA Sacramento is essential to helping your child gain developmental skills for success. Preventing problematic behaviors in children is a team effort that includes family, teachers, and your therapist's support.