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How to Check Cash App Card Balance?

Cash App has made digital payments much easier than ever before. Users can send or receive payments in a simplified manner. Cash App Card is the key feature of the Cash App, which lets you make payments for online purchases, offline shopping and money withdrawal at ATMs. It functions like a bank debit card. You need to maintain a sufficient balance on the Cash Card of Cash App account to enjoy cashless life.

How to check Cash App Card balance: Step by Step Guide?

  1. Go through the following steps to know the balance on Cash App Card:
  2. Open the Cash App account.
  3. Click the $ sign tab displaying on the right side of the screen.
  4. You can see the cash app balance here on the page.
  5. The balance of the Cash App account is your Cash Card balance as both are linked together.
  6. You need to maintain a minimum balance on Cash App to enjoy purchasing using Cash App Card.
  7. Users can contact Cash App Support Centre to get help if required.

How to Check Cash App Card balance through Website?

If users don't have access to the phone, the Cash App can also be accessed online through Cash App official website. Check the following steps to know Cash Card balance through the website:

  1. Open your browser on a computer/laptop.
  2. Now, visit the Cash App official website.
  3. Click on the Sign In link.
  4. Enter your login credentials and submits the same.
  5. Visit your account on Cash App.
  6. Locate the $ sign and check the balance on Cash App.
  7. The balance reflecting in the $ sign is your Cash card balance.
  8. Check Cash App Card balance with Cash App Support

Users can approach the Cash App Support team if they are unable to find the balance on Cash App. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Open your phone and click on the Cash App icon.
  2. Sign In with login credentials.
  3. Access your account on Cash App.
  4. Click on the Cash App Support link.
  5. Contact the customer support team on Cash App and request to furnish information about Cash App balance.


The Cash App users can use Cash Card for payments of different bills. The Cash App balance can be used through Cash Card. Users can check the Cash App card balance on phone or through the official website. Cash App Support Team is always there to help the users hence; you request them to know your balance on Cash Card.

Questions and Answers

Question 1: How can I withdraw money using a Cash App card?

Answer 1: The Cash App card works like a debit card. Cash App allows users to withdraw money using Cash Card. Visit any ATM, insert your Cash Card and enter the amount to be withdrawn. Enter PIN to confirm the withdrawal.

Question 2: Can I check the Cash App Card balance at ATM?

Answer2: You cannot check your balance on Cash App at ATM. One can withdraw money from ATM but, it will not display your remaining fund. It may reflect Zero balance if you tap balance on ATM.

Question 3: Is it possible to check the balance on the Cash App card without a Phone?

Answer3: Yes, one can access Cash App official website to access the Cash App account. Users have to enter login credentials to access the Cash App account. Users can also contact the customer support executive to know the balance.

Question 4: What to do if Cash App card payment is pending?

Answer4:If Cash App card payment is pending, wait for a certain period as pending payments get processed within a specific time. However, you can contact Cash App Support to know the exact position.

Question 5: How to add balance on Cash App Card?

Answer5: You can add balance to Cash App Card through debit card linked to Cash App account. However, there should be a sufficient balance in your bank account. The other way is to ask your friends to send money to your Cash App account. Once you get the money on your Cash App account, you can use the Cash App card for payments, as it is linked with the Cash App account.

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