How You Can Prevent Dehydration?

How You Can Prevent Dehydration?

When thirsty, you reach for a glass of water or a cola of your choice many times. You quench your thirst by gulping it down and most often stop at that. Why do you feel satisfied after drinking a beverage of your choice and what makes you feel thirsty? Did you have ever give it a thought?


What is dehydration?



You can simply say that dehydration is the lack of enough hydration. The process by which your body absorbs water is known as hydration. The human body is composed of a large quantity of water. Right through your organ level, this water is present from the cellular level. The availability of water in our body is within the cells, between the cells, organs, tissues, various systems in our body, and even blood.


Various functions are performed by this water such as osmolarity, maintaining fluid balance, transporting nutrients and oxygen within the body, and sending off toxins and other water materials to various excretory organs like skin, kidneys, and the respiratory system. To send out or to excrete out unnecessary waste from the body is an important function of your body’s metabolism. From your body through various organs, water is one of the ingredients that escapes and this keeps your body working.


To maintain your body temperature, your skin leaves water in the form of sweat. You also lose water in the form of urine through your excretory system. When you lose so much water, you must compensate for the loss, so that you don’t need dehydration treatment. The water and other fluids that you drink help compensate for this loss.


What are the causes of dehydration?



The main reason for dehydration causes is not drunk an ample amount of water or losing more fluid by your body. Diarrhea, urine, sweat, vomiting, and tears are the reason behind the loss of fluid. Due to the severity of dehydration, you can feel dehydration headache, dehydration nausea, and body cramps.


How to stay hydrated?


You will be surprised to learn that apart from water, many drinks for dehydration and foods keep you hydrated and ensure good health. Read the below-mentioned list:


  • Electrolyte drinks

Bottled electrolyte drinks are an excellent source of complete hydration. To meet hydration requirements, these are specifically designed and hence have a proper balance of minerals, nutrients, liquid, and sometimes vitamins.


Natural electrolyte drinks such as fruit juices, smoothies, coconut water are all excellent sources of hydration. You can even stay hydrated by sipping on drinks such as tea and pickle juice.


  • Energy drinks and sports drinks

Sportspersons, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders often rely on these beverages to keep them going.


  • Water

Of course, the importance of water can never be underestimated. There are different waters to choose from- tap water, mineral water, alkaline water, mineral water, and spring water. Each water has its benefits and pitfalls. Choose the water that is easily available and affordable to you. It is an excellent way to stay hydrated.




Don’t let your body to the stage of hydration where dehydration has already set it. Drink 6-8 glasses of fluids in a day. Make sure a well-balanced diet for well-rounded hydration.

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