Top 14 Language Techniques in Australia

Top 14 Language Techniques in Australia
language techniues

Today I will share with you magnificent 14 tips on Language techniques in Australia

1 . Imagery2. Imperative 3. Assonance

  1. Idioms5.Minor Sentences 6. Proverb
  2. Neologism8. Slogan 9. Personal Pronoun
  3. Rhyme11. Simple Sentences12. Onomatopoeia
  4. Slangs14. Personification


This one most powerful technique, it creates imagination about the topic or subject in the reader’s mind.


This is a significant technique we use when to order, warning and command, etc.


It means repetition of vowels without consent it is like rhyming.


Idioms are phrases and it is used in conversation for to make more effective.

Minor Sentences

They are irregular sentences.


Proverb are free-spirited sentences that describe a reality

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