Neck Pain: Can A Chiropractor Help Relieve Neck Pain?

Neck Pain: Can A Chiropractor Help Relieve Neck Pain?

The neck comprises seven small vertebrae that hold the entire weight of the head. The minimum weight of the human head is ten to twelve pounds which is not so light when your neck needs to support the head constantly. Visit the Neck Center to get the best treatment for your neck.


Moreover, when you sit for long periods of time in front of the computer, your neck may have to suffer a lot of strain.  The neck also lets your head move in all directions that add more stress over your neck resulting in chronic pain and stiffness. Walk in a Neck Center NY to get proper diagnosis and treatment.



If the neck pain is persistent for a long period of time, you are prone to neurological symptoms. That may include numbness, tingling, the sensation of pins and needles. Generally, these complaints are related to neck stiffness but they can transfer in the fingertips or up and down the arm. Eventually, the pain will continue to worsen until the radiating symptoms begin. Visit Neck Center New York to know the root cause of the pain.


Most people are suffering from neck pain which can be extensively bothersome. Medical doctors will prescribe medications to get you relieved from neck pain. First, they perform X-rays and other sorts of tests to know the root cause of the problem. Get the treatment from a Neck Center Manhattan by a specialist only.


When they detect the issues in the neck, they will probably want to schedule surgery that can be proven painful and long recovery of time. Therefore the surgical treatment should be considered at last. First, you can try other effective forms of treatments, in cases, you won’t get the expected output, then surgery is the only treatment.     



Treatment By A Chiropractor :


If you have persistent neck pain, it will be wise to consult a chiropractor before considering a surgical treatment. A chiropractor will first inquire about the current state of your neck pain including;


  • The time period of starting neck pain.
  • What efforts have you made to ease your neck pain?
  • If the pain is affecting other body parts or not.


These are the things that your chiropractor may ask during the initial consultation. After that,  the professional will perform a physical examination which will include chiropractic tests, orthopedic tests, and a neurological examination. This whole process will let the chiropractor identify the root cause of your problem and let him/her offer a solution to your pain.


Your chiropractor will perform a neck adjustment. A neck adjustment is a kind of spinal administration and is very certain in nature. The technique is quite precise and very effective to alleviate neck pain.


How is it done?


Your chiropractor delicately pulls on the neck,  extending the cervical spine modifying the angle between flexion and extension on the basis of comfort, and searching for the precise angle to most efficiently in order to reduce the tightness.


Benefits of neck adjustments:


During the process of neck adjustments, chiropractors use their experienced hands to manipulate the vertebrae safely. They apply a certain amount of force to specific parts on the neck in order to :


  • Restore peculiar alignment of the neck and vertebrae
  • Help relieve pressure and tension.
  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Restore series of motion
  • Remove tension or restriction in the neck muscles.


Hence, if you want to avoid surgery for neck pain, you can take the help of a chiropractor to relieve back pain.

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