This is one of the best Play schools in India.


It can be a difficult task to choose a best play schools in india for your child. There are so many options available and it is important that you select the right one as it will shape your child’s future. A play school must have all the facilities which would help your child to grow up as an independent individual with good social skills and values. It must also have friendly teachers who understand how kids learn best.

This is one of the best play schools in India.

best play schools in india
best play schools in india

Akshara International School, founded in 1989, has over 330 centers across 25 states and more than 500 centres across 300+ cities. It has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system and has been accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE).

The school provides a broad-based curriculum from Montessori to Grade 12, with an emphasis on academic excellence, balanced with co-curriculum activities like sports, music and dance. The school’s unique method of learning is based on child-centered education with special care given to language skills as well as development of right brain functions through art and music training.

Another big name in the early education space is the Little Scholar Childcare. It has over 330 centres across 25 states and has more than 500 centres across 300+ cities. The school has been around for over 24 years, during which time it has gained a reputation for having some of the best facilities and teachers in the country.

It is important to note that while most schools use play as a way to teach basic skills like language and math, Little Scholar Childcare uses play as an integral part of learning itself. They have a system where children learn through playing with one another and exploring their environment with all five senses; this ensures that your child does not just start learning facts from books but also learns about how things work in real life.

They have over 330 centers across 25 states. They have more than 500 centres across 300+ cities, which is a testament to their popularity and quality of education. The preschools are run by the best teachers who are trained to develop the child’s skills in an appropriate manner. Their approach is unique and has been developed by educationists from around the world, including Singaporean Dr Betty Lai who was also one of the founding members of Singapore’s Ministry of Education

They will be able to help you understand what your child needs at different stages based on his or her age group, so that you can give them support where needed.

One of the biggest names in early childhood education, Little Hearts has been around since 2009 and it has more than 500 centres across 300+ cities. The institution is known for their small student-teacher ratios, which means your child will receive individual attention from their teachers. Not only that, but they also have a range of activities to keep kids occupied while they learn new things like music classes, dance classes, etc. Their play areas are spread out across large spaces where children can run around freely and interact with other children as well as adults who are there to provide supervision. Each classroom has an outdoor space attached so that kids can enjoy playing outside (if weather permits). In total there are about 20 students per teacher or so depending on whether its morning or evening session respectively at any given time — meaning you won’t have trouble finding a suitable spot for your little one!

It’s no surprise that they’ve been around for 24 years: In this time, they’ve perfected their approach to early childhood education. Their experience in teaching children and honing their philosophy of developmentally appropriate learning has helped them become the best play schools in India with over 18 branches across the country.

  • The school has the best way for learning for your child.
  • They have a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of children.
  • It also focuses on learning styles and other modalities like visual, auditory, kinesthetic etc., which means you won’t find your child bored in school!

The facilities are great and the teachers are friendly and well educated. The school has a good reputation, good location and good facilities for children. You can expect your child to do well in this school as the teachers here will work hard on improving his/her skills.

You must choose a play school for your child which has all these facilities and which understands your child’s requirements in the best possible way.

  • It should have a good reputation.
  • It should be well-established.
  • They should have good teachers with high qualifications and experience of teaching children of different ages and levels, including the preschool level.


We hope you have found this article helpful and we wish you all the best as you decide on which school to send your child.

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best play schools in india
best play schools in india

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