Traditional vs Xbody Training

AS it sets the foundation for other abilities, strength training is a vital part of sports fitness at any level. As a component of sports recovery training, it is crucial.

By stimulating deep muscular tissue with electrical impulses delivered through electrodes that are attached to the body, electromyography (EMG), which is also known as Xbody, imitates the instructions sent by the brain to the muscles to cause them to contract. This is accomplished by imitating the way the brain communicates with the muscles. There is no alternative to the ability of EMS Training in Dubai to force you to work harder and for longer periods of time than is possible with conventional strength training. This is due to the fact that EMS is able to simultaneously tension all of the main muscle groups, including the "core" muscles that stabilise the body but are difficult to reach with conventional training techniques.

  • Sport-specific movements may now be included in an Xbody strength training session, which was previously impossible with standard routines. Because it doesn't put excessive strain on the joints, it allows you to work out at a greater intensity without risking injury.
  • Adding Body Time activities may also save a significant amount of time, allowing you to get the same results in 20 to 30 minutes of whole-body Xbody training that would take an hour of traditional training. If you complete only four Xbody training units, you may see a 9% increase in your maximum strength.
  • Men who utilize EMS have shown gains in their upper arms, breasts, back, shoulders, and thighs that go beyond what is often seen with standard training methods. Even though they may see enormous gains in strength, ladies who use Xbody do not see any difference in muscle size. Women who use EMS will not "bulk up" due to their usage of the product.

Xbody training, on the other hand, has been shown to be more beneficial to top athletes, both men, and women, than standard strength training. Up to 30 percent of athletes' maximum performance was increased by full-body Xbody training. Its long-term advantages were as impressive, with advances in speed confirmed up to three weeks after the athlete's last Xbody training session.

You save a significant amount of time and effort by working out with us!

One 20-minute exercise a week can train and activate your complete body and save you a substantial amount of time over a regular gym routine, which needs you to attend at least three or four times a week and may occupy up to eight hours a week of your time. Xbody's most excellent advantageous feature is that it activates all of your muscles simultaneously. In any case, once a week is plenty.

After the first EMS session, the results

You won't have to go to the gym more than once before you see a change. It's easier to improve your posture since your body is creating endorphins and because you have worked out most of the key muscle groups. After a few days of therapy, you will begin to experience stiffness in your muscles. You should begin to feel better shortly, as your body has began the process of healing itself. Within a month, you should notice an increase in your strength and an improvement in your ability to control the movement of different muscles..

A personal trainer is always available to you.

An Xbody Fitness personal trainer will oversee every EMS Fitness training session at all times. Consequently, you'll have direct access to a knowledgeable trainer who can guide and advise you on the next stage in your training while also pushing you to the limit of your physical ability and stamina.