What are the Reasons Behind Your Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Are you also wondering if you should visit the dentist for an emergency tooth extraction? If yes, then there are several reasons for your problems. When your tooth is broken or impacted then visiting a dentist will sometimes fix the crowning, filling, or any other type of treatment. Moreover, many times having damage will be bad for repairing the work to be done. In such a case the tooth needs to be extracted.

For example, a loose tooth requires removal if it is broken or damaged which is saved by having a bone grafting. Mentioned below are some of the important reasons why tooth extraction is suggested by the dentist.

5 Main Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Check out the top 5 reasons for the removal of your emergency tooth extraction near me.

#1 Overcrowding

Apart from the pain, the impacted tooth may also cause overcrowding of the teeth, which may lead to straight or well-aligned smiles becoming crooked. Elimination of the tricky teeth in the back of your mouth may open up to free up a space for the rest of your teeth to disperse off as required. With this, you will get a perfectly straight smile without having braces.

#2 Tooth Decay

The tartar and plaque build-up causes tooth decay. These sediments will eat away your teeth’ enamel, making them weak and frangible.  If the situation is worse then there are chances that infection may grow and this leads to the extreme pain, redness, and swelling. And if the tooth reaches this point, then it might be essential to have the same-day tooth extraction near me and substitute the dental bridge to prevent the other health issues.

#3 Broken Tooth Under the Gums

If you are chewing food, then your teeth may get the most impacted, or if your teeth are not fitted properly then the force of chewing might crack your lower molars. The major threat would be a damaged tooth which enhances enormously. Also if you are having a root canal therapy or a big process of filling. If the broken or fractured tooth is under the gum line, the dentist does the extraction asap.

#4 Periodontal Disease

It is also known as gingivitis, which is generally the softest form of gum disease, this is reversible if seen and cured earlier.  Daily cleaning and best oral health may help you in avoiding gum disease from improving. Moreover, if you allow progress to your advanced stage, the ailments might attack your gums and assist the teeth structures.

When your gums are reduced substantially, then your teeth do not require any support. And this might lead to a fall for a problem of tooth extraction near me. 

The periodontal disease may not be treated easily, but the dentists may certainly hinder its growth with root planing and scaling. The extraction of your teeth will be miserable and result in letting the gingivitis develop into periodontal disease.


From the above, it is clear that these are the several reasons for which you should have to visit the dentist for the elimination of tooth extractions. It is always recommended to have the best and superior clinic for all your dental health issues. Further, at Emergency Dentist Near Me in Houston, you will get the best facilities with an affordable tooth extraction cost. Moreover, if you have any doubts, then you may visit our website.

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